All too often when we’re given a ‘gift;’ be-it God, DNA or pulled from the cosmos, it can get us into trouble. There’s something that makes everyone tick and unique; it’s just, not everyone’s aware of it or ready to accept/harness it!

Once identified, ‘The Gift’ takes us by the hand and leads us into various unexpected directions, many of which are self-fulfilling and destructive. Behind the incubus and the smoke n’ mirrors lies something a little more delicate or sinister, depending on the person – a broken heart can be temporarily healed by ‘The Gift;’ it has the power t’ overshadow our fears and weaknesses – we often believe it can even save us from ourselves. It creates an alternate universe for us to live in, an alter-ego and a head-trip.

One way or another, most of us succumb and become; as a result, we are forced t’ carry our true identity[ies] around in a suitcase – some of us even leave planet Earth permanently! But, much like the scene in Superman II where Superman chooses to give-up his ‘gift,’ we must all return and acknowledge what we’ve been given and decide whether or not we’re truly ready for it. Until we truly know ourselves, we’ll never truly understand how to use it.  Part of that process is acknowledgment, refinement, death n’ rebirth…

“The Gift” was written during another self-medicated breakdown. I was able t’ actualize how much investment and sacrifice I’d put into something that was never entirely mine [As it all comes from the stars] and how much ego and self-destructiveness I allowed into my life as a result. There’s one line in the song [‘Take me back to where it all began; Before I ever played my hand to win…’] that really puts a magnifying glass over this sentiment, my desire to seek and destroy everything/everyone in my path and my longing to clean the slate and return back to [If we’re sticking with metaphors] Smallville.

But, alas, I belong out here…

The entire ‘Ghosts’ CD was cooked-up on the premise of facing the thoughts and realities that haunt us. There was a lot of therapy put into the lyrics, which are really complimented by the band’s arrangements. The song runs the full gamete of emotions [musically and lyrically].

I often refer to ‘You’ or ‘Him’ in this song, which is actually a reference to a more fragile/innocent version of myself.

So, again, for those of you paying attention: “Fade (Dark Days),” “Dead World,” “Love is the Enemy” & “The Gift” – thus far!


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