Cause I’m baaccccccccck in the saddle again!”

It’s only been a couple months and an EP since we’ve hit the stage and played, but if you’re in a band or know the feeling, it can seem like an immense expanse of time.  For the bulk of 2011, the band hunkered down to write new music and reestablish it’s sound [sans a guitarist].  It’s been a tumultuous little road, but we’re finally ready-or not and plannin’ t’ start booking with ferocity.

The ‘Ghosts’ EP was written to be an EP; there were other songs recorded for the ‘next-Skitzo Calypso album,’ but a lot of time that had passed since those songs were originally recorded.  That music didn’t seem to make sense in-inclusion with ‘Ghosts,’ but the tracks are still available for free download on the official Skitzo Calypso website, here:  Two of those tracks were featured on the ‘Not For Sale:  1 & 2’ compilation releases.

Overall, the EP has a rather melancholy vibe to it, as where:  “Ready or Not,” “Slowly” and “Until My Heart 5tops Beating” are a bit more upbeat and typical of a Skitzo Calypso album.  The goal was to capture a particular moment in time and a raw emotion, which embodied what the band was having a difficult time transcending – negativity.  All things considered, I think it’s a beautiful reflection of a very dark time.  It’s got a couple of my favorite Skitzo Calypso tracks on it and was recorded in only a few days.

In stark contrast, the band has a lot coming up; we’re hitting the studio on March 30th with Tony Correlli to record a cover tune, which I think will excite a lot of people.  It won’t be a surprise, but it won’t be expected either – that statement will make a lot more sense, soon!  First up, we have a pretty cool show booked with Dizzy Reed of Gn’R on March 15th (Thursday) and will be updating you on our progress.

The band will also be performin’ acoustic at the Stonewall Café (April 6th) and as a full band at Surf City on (April 13th).  More shows to be anouced, shortly!

To get prepared for the upcoming acoustic runs, I’ve been posting few acoustic practice videos [one of which is attached].  So, new stuff is comin’…


Also, as a former writer/reviewer of Music Monthly, I will begin reviewing some new local albums that come across my plate.  If you want to have something reviewed, contact me:

Skitzo Calypso/Brad Cox
P.O. Box 591
Bel Air, MD



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